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Striding in the Red Sun by bloodtrailkiller
Striding in the Red Sun
Another piece of my Loki's little Warframe fiction escapade.

This is a scene somewhere midway within the story I've daydreampt on occasion;

After several unforgiving days, the small escort of Grineer and but one Tenno, they stood upon the ridge to their singular hope: A mining colony set unto the mountainside of a chain of immense basalt columns. Once digging deep to search for Orokin oddities, now abandoned when technocyte abominations spewed forth and ravaged the meager outpost.

The Grineer empire swiftly abandoned the outpost, but the Steel Meridian soon came in to quell the infestation before it spread to the small colonies pock-marking the surrounding region. Now, the infestation suppressed to naught but a handful, the Steel Meridian occupy the kind abode as a haphazard base of operations.

Even now, the trail of six could smell the burning flesh... The Tenno could only imagine; his mind working desperately to put words to sensations in the quiet times the crew had.
So close now, The Strider is paused by the child, the focal point of protection; his goal. The single hope to bring a semblance of peace somewhere in this system, it breaks a final shackle upon the Strider's psyche, one last chain...
Simply, Jonathan by bloodtrailkiller
Simply, Jonathan
A fun little portrait of a new story character I've been cooking up, based upon a character's experience in the brilliant and shamelessly advertised, Starsector.

Working initially as one of the few remaining flesh-pilots of the ISA, Interstellar States of America, Jonathan was no special thing, but he wasn't some pilot to toss out. His skills were exemplar, but he was far from the best; even with augments.
To make matters worse, the rapidly encroaching Drone replacements for pilots have become ever more common as their technology grew faster, more accurate and adaptive with practically every passing breath. Employment was looking short for Jonathan; shorter still, would it end for him during a chance engagement with a RSF, Russian Space Federation, battlefleet...
Egret of Blood by bloodtrailkiller
Egret of Blood
Second form of Blood; where he was at the peak of his influencial power. He commanded hundreds, and consumed thousands. He was a prodigy in all manerisms of the word. He was Blood, and his passion and desire for victory was unparalleled.

Journal things... In the journal... Yeeee
Well, I should write more journals, but I'm really not sure what to journal-about... I live... very uneventful life ^u^
But, I have made a journal. This journal. So I ask the question to the people of the watchin the me.

Would you be interested in like... seeing doodles... and stuff? I mean, I doodle a lot, and I feel like I 'ought to show that I'm not pumping a picture out every bloo moon. But a lot. a lot of semi-crappy doodloos that are like... okay... and I'm slowly beginning to enjoy looking at my art, and not feeling entirely embarrassed by them so yes.

To show or not to show doodles.

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bloodtrailkiller's Profile Picture
CJ Cope
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
I am CJ, second update on DevID. So uh... yeah!
I am me, I am the best procrastinator; sometimes going so far as to be absolutely lazy! Anyhow, I'm rather deadpan in reality, though I tend to be more expressive here, on the net.
I frequent the title of 'Internet Demi-god In-training' though people tend to title me as 'Viking' or 'Crazy' or 'BTK'.
I do comissions for free, unless it's absolutely massive, entirely because I tend to draw things in my own time which tends to be a very long time. So yeah! pop me a note with details and I'll see if I can't work something out.
I absolutely love Vikings and Mongols, Vikings because they're just fucking badass with axes and Mongols because I trace my Mother's Lineage's there.
Don't be afraid of me, I don't bite... often. I enjoy meeting new people, I'm not particularly uptight about much, I tend to let things slide pretty easily so... yeah.
GL;HF out there!

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WOO!my run for premnium XD
I just put this here cause I'm bored outa me mind :3
. . .Okay. . . I'll do drawings for ye for like. . .5 points per one ._.
T_T 1point per one?

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