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Obitus||Concept by bloodtrailkiller
And here it began!

Obitus essentially eats abominations, whilst is an abomination himself. 
He prowls the Weald with a random chance of appearing if there's an Abomination or Occultist in the party.

The idea is that it's another Eldritch being using Obitus as its champion to go out and consume other fantastical creations.

His general attack layout and theme is neutrality, nullifiying, balance. Hence the black and white [and the fancy 'G' at the forehead in the shape of an arrow going in a square formation]
He would only be killable through Holy strikes, Abominations, or Bounty Hunter Uppercuts. Generally anything that involves either Holy strikes or hand-to-hand attacks. He would be able to nullify any damage done by dark-magick and blades. 
OBITUS||Wallpaper by bloodtrailkiller
Why Wallpaper sized? Because I'm cheeky and love my own designs.

Also, snuh.

Why stand out in the snow, bare chested besides a strapping leather pauldron and your rippling muscles? Because sometimes... you just gotta ask an entire hamlet to 'Cometh at Mineself, Bretheren.'
OBITUS|POSTER[thing] by bloodtrailkiller
So, I'm part of the Darkest Dungeon Roleplaying community on their main site.
I decided to make an antagonist of sorts, and this Obitus was made.

It's admittedly not rightly actual fanart of Darkest Dungeon, just utilizing its art style and applying it to a personal writ of mine.

Albeit, I suppose that is a little bit fan-arty, so I don't feel too bad about it, I suppose.
Py-doodle by bloodtrailkiller
Tried out a new way of painting/drawing whatever you call it. Had a lot of fun; and it was easy! Like, I think this is decent, and I'm mildly inspired to try starting up a graphic novel or the like doing this style. But that's high hopes :P
Obitus by bloodtrailkiller
Another drawingthing :D

Obitus is one of the Paer line, though indoctrinated by the Gunsche. He hunts down his own kin, as a mountain of a man; if he could still be called that.
His blood is dust, his flesh is stone. He wields no blade, for he shatters them with his strength.

Journal things... In the journal... Yeeee
Well, I should write more journals, but I'm really not sure what to journal-about... I live... very uneventful life ^u^
But, I have made a journal. This journal. So I ask the question to the people of the watchin the me.

Would you be interested in like... seeing doodles... and stuff? I mean, I doodle a lot, and I feel like I 'ought to show that I'm not pumping a picture out every bloo moon. But a lot. a lot of semi-crappy doodloos that are like... okay... and I'm slowly beginning to enjoy looking at my art, and not feeling entirely embarrassed by them so yes.

To show or not to show doodles.

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bloodtrailkiller's Profile Picture
CJ Cope
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
I am CJ, second update on DevID. So uh... yeah!
I am me, I am the best procrastinator; sometimes going so far as to be absolutely lazy! Anyhow, I'm rather deadpan in reality, though I tend to be more expressive here, on the net.
I frequent the title of 'Internet Demi-god In-training' though people tend to title me as 'Viking' or 'Crazy' or 'BTK'.
I do comissions for free, unless it's absolutely massive, entirely because I tend to draw things in my own time which tends to be a very long time. So yeah! pop me a note with details and I'll see if I can't work something out.
I absolutely love Vikings and Mongols, Vikings because they're just fucking badass with axes and Mongols because I trace my Mother's Lineage's there.
Don't be afraid of me, I don't bite... often. I enjoy meeting new people, I'm not particularly uptight about much, I tend to let things slide pretty easily so... yeah.
GL;HF out there!

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T_T 1point per one?

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